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Hegelmann Poland is part of the Hegelamnn Group, which operates throughout Europe. We are one of the most dynamically developing suppliers of transport services and
forwarding in Poland. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have created and still maintain a wide network of professionals throughout Europe and North America. We are looking for motivated, ambitious and responsible employees who will join our
international team.
18 Countries
40 Cities
5000 Trucks
8000 Employees



FAMILY The HEGELMANN GROUP is and remains a family-run company. ​We see ourselves as one big international and multicultural family with common goals and values. ​
MOTIVATION Our daily motivation is cooperation and the satisfaction of our customers. We have the vision to offer our global services in the best possible quality. We are always looking for new ways – we either win or we learn!
RESPECT Respect is one pillar of our organization. We accept that we are all ​different and yet belong together. ​ Our interaction is defined by politeness, openness and honesty.​
PROGRESS Progress is our collective ideal that we strive for by working to ever higher standards. We continuously develop our service structures and use technologies as the key to success in all business processes.​
SUSTAINABILTY Sustainability in everything we do is our top priority. We create sustainable people management practices for our employees and treat the resources we need for our processes with care, using renewable solutions where they are available.​



Fedir Yurkevich
Ekateryna Kompas
Head of Administration


Hegelmann Poland News
Hegelmann Poland News
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